Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Panchi - Jal - Coke Studio Season 04 Episode 03

Panchi hoon.. udne do.. udne do..hooo
hawaaon se, ladne do...hooo
hoooooooo.. hmmmm..hmmm

hoo,raste galiyaan...chhodh aya main
bhoole vaade todh chala main..
ye raat abhi dhal jayegi..
ye baat abhi badal jayegi..

main tanha hoon..
rehne do, rehne do..hoo
aansu hoon,
behne do.. hoo

ye aa aa aa
hooo hoo hooo hhooo
aaa aaa aaa aahaa aa aa

tere ishq me jo bhi doob gaya
use duniya ki lehron se darna kya..x2
ho use darna kya
use darna kya..

The word Panchi reminds one of many great Hindi Songs, right from 'panchi banu udti phiroon...' to 'panchi,nadiya,pawan ke jhonke', all these songs revolve around one concept and that is -Freedom.. This song describes the same freedom, the same liberty..

Its incomprehensibly difficult for me to describe the kinda feeling I had when I listened to this song for the first time..Sometimes you wish to let yourself go, to be away from the rest of the world and enjoy being in solitude..Sometimes, you wish to be free..You wish to live your life on
your own terms.. These lines talk of zeal, passion and immense calmness at the same time and this makes you fall in love with the lyrics instantly..It talk of a new beginning, with great hopes and aspirations, with a heart that is free of all apprehensions!

main tanha hoon ...rehne do..
This is perhaps the most beautiful part of the song, in terms of the music and the rhythm.. The humming and the voice make it even more amazing..  As I said, sometimes one wishes to be in solitude, and thats not because one wishes to be lonely, thats because of the inner desire to face the world, to face all challenges, being all alone, yet, with a smile on your face!

tere ishq me jo bhi doob gaya..use duniya ki lehron se darna kya.. (Originally sung by Allan Fakir)
This line is simply awe-inspiring! It talks about 'Ishq-e-haqiqi' (metaphorically meaning 'the love of God')..Well, real freedom lies in commitment..When you are committed to God, you are blessed with Ishq-e-haqiqi, you submit all your desires and sorrows to God ! And that gives you an eternal freedom ! Your mind, your soul and your heart is devoted to Allah, the almighty, and nothing else matters to you ! Sufi music itself is based on ishq-e-haqiqi, and this line beautifully describes it !

The song is simply awesome,because of the beautiful lyrics, the amazing voice and the perfect music.. Sometimes, a song can actually drive you crazy, it can bring back a lot of memories, and above all it can make you smile..
Panchi by Jal is definitely one of those great songs !

Enjoy the beauty of the lyrics, enjoy the ultimate music and feel the song ! I'm sure you will love it ! Keep listening, keep reading and keep smiling !!


  1. can you translate each line please.. :) thank you. :) i really like this song. :)

  2. Panchi hoon.. udne do.. udne do..
    I am [like] a bird, let my fly, let me fly
    hawaaon se, ladne do...
    let me fight the winds

    raste galiyaan...chhodh aya main
    I have left those paths, those lanes
    bhoole vaade todh chala main..
    I have broken [ or I'm moving on from] the forgotten promises
    ye raat abhi dhal jayegi..
    The night will come
    ye baat abhi badal jayegi..
    (not the literal translation for this line but what it is trying to say)
    everything will [eventually] change

    main tanha hoon..
    I'm lonely
    rehne do, rehne do..
    Let me be
    aansu behne do..
    Let my tears flow

    tere ishq me jo bhi doob gaya
    (literally) whoever drowns in your love
    use duniya ki lehron se darna kya..
    (literally)has nothing to be afraid of the world's waves

    tere ishq me jo bhi doob gaya
    use duniya ki lehron se darna kya..
    Metaphorical meaning explained above^^