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Akhian Noon Rehn De Akhian De Kol Kol - Atif Aslam, Reshma

Recently I was going through Atif's song on youtube and suddenly I came across this song akhiyan nu rehn de, I wondered as I had never heard of this song in his albums. Well later I found that it was sung in an award function as a tribute to Reshma.
So in that awards function there were a couple of more songs of Reshma dedicated to her one being Lambi Judai by atif and Ni mein chori chori by Shehzaad Roy. Both are damn good. After these two comes Akhiyan nu rehn de. And it rapidly spread from my ears, through my veins till my heart and I decided this song deserves a post.
Simply amazing lyrics beautifully sung by reshman. And Atif too has done complete justice to the song.

Atif's Version

Akhiyan nu rehn de by songsnexpressions

Akhian Noon Rehn De Akhian De Kol Kol is a folk song originally sung by Reshman who is a famous Pakistani singer and has sung in Bollywood as well. 

During Lux style awards 2008 Atif Aslam performed this track as a tribute to Reshman, who is suffering from cancer and currently lives in Dubai with her daughter. Due to her prolonged illness she has lost her singing as she is unable to pronounce words. But even then she is a living legend and a super star. 

Here is the Reshma version 

Akhian Noon Rehn De Akhian De Kol Kol
Chan pardesiya bol bhavain na bol
[Let your eyes stay close to mine, my beloved whether you talk or not ]
Here she refers to her beloved as "pardesiya" as he lives far away from her.
when she says whether you talk or don't talk she actually means the very sight of her lover is everything for her, and it does not matter if he talks to her or not. 

Akhian Noon Rehn De Akhian De Kol Kol
Chan pardesiya bol bhavain na bol
Akhian Noon Rehn De

Waikhan da cha sanu mukh partavi na
nede nede wass dhola door door jave na
nede nede wass jeevain door door jave na
[I long to see you, don't turn your face, just stay near me my love and don't go far away again]

door da khayaal chad wass akhiyan de kol kol
chan pardesiya bol bhanve na bol

[Drop the thoughts of going away, stay close to my eyes, my beloved whether you talk or don't talk]

Akhiyan nu rehn de

murli baja ke jeevain kergay o rogi ve
kan vi seeva ke jeevain bangay o jogi ve
kan vi seeva ke jeevain bangay o jogi ve
diloun na tori jeeevain sajna nu rool rool
chan pardesiya bol bhanve na bol

[By playing your flute you have made me your patient. 
Just like piercing your ears you have become a "jogi"
Don't break my heart by ignoring your beloved (her)
my beloved whether you talk or not talk]

jogi's literal meaning is a beggar, but it is more like a person who has quit from all the luxuries of life and lives the life of a beggar and remains indulged in god's prayers.

akhiyan nu rehn de

wanga main shariliya sachay sarkar diyaan
mudatan de baad ayan ghariyan pyaar diyaan
mudatan de baad ayan ghariyan pyaar diyaan
ek ek ghari sadi badi anmol ve
chan pardesiya bol bhanve na bol

[I have worn bangles of my true love's name
After a long time i have got these moments of love
each and every moment is precious to me
my beloved whether you talk or don't talk]

akhiyan nu rehn de
akhiyan nu rehn de

A beautiful song that describes a lover's feelings, basically when they are separated and later when they meet. Now after all this longing a mere sight of the beloved means everything to the lover. And wishes she keeps seeing him, and never let him go again. 

The song refers to heer-ranjha when the jogi is playing flute, it causes uneasiness to heer. And she is comparing her love to Ranjha. 

Bangles is in the tradition that married women wear, thus she wears the bangles of his name means she has accepted him as her husband. 

The song brings lots of feeling in the listeners mind as he imagines the very first line "Akhiyan nu rehn de...". Bring your eyes close to mine whether you talk to me or not....

Atif has a beautiful voice, and he is superb whenever he tries his hand at the folk songs. Like as in my previous post when he sang, Mae Ni, and Kinara. Everytime he sings folk it is just true magic. He should come up with more and more folk songs. I'm sure people will love him even more. 

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Emptiness (Lonely)

Although I was very much excited about the very idea of writing a music blog, a musical blog which does not belong to a particular genre and based on the sole idea to promote good or I must say awesome music, but my shyness and my laziness restricted me to write an article and that's why it took me so long after the launch of blog to write an article. Which could have been the problem even today but today i heard this song and i couldn't resist to express myself.

Emptiness(Lonely) : i just heard this song today and since then this song is all over my mind, i could actually feel this song, so soothing, amazing synthesizer, awesome lyrics and the hindi and english combination makes it the best. 
"A three minute song that takes you on a long journey of memories", I was happy and was enjoying with friends, this song reminded me of the emptiness around me, But I felt good, it was the first time maybe when I really enjoyed "Loneliness", It brought back some amazing memories for me and i hope it does it for everyone. 

Download here

Emptiness (LONELY) by songsnexpressions
Lyrics of the Song:

Ho love of mine..
with a song and a whine..
You’re harsh and divine..
like truths and a lie..

but the tale end's not here..
I’ve nothing to fear..
for my love is yell of giving an hold on…

in the bright emptiness..
in the room full of it..
is a cruel mistress ho ho o…

I feel the unrest..
that nest all hollowness..
for i have nowhere to go and im cold..

And i feel so lonely yea..
There's a better place from this emptiness..
And i’m so lonely yea..
There's a better place from this emptiness..

yei yei yei ya….
Aa.. aa.. aa…..

Tune mere jaana..
Kabhi nahi jana..
Ishq mera dard mera.. haaye…

Tune mere jaana..
Kabhi nahi jana..
Ishq mera dard mera …

Aashiq teraaa..
Bheed mein khoya rehta hai..
Jaane jahaan aaa..
Puchho toh itna kehta hai..

And i feel so lonely yea..

There s a better place from  this emptiness..
And i’m so lonely yea..

More about the song and the lyrics:
the lyrics of this song are just awesome, the song starts with a beautiful combination of (synthesizer, drums and acoustic guitar) and then the soothing lyrics. I just love the rhyme in the first part, the love of mine, with a song and a wine, you'r harsh and divine. The way the singer expresses his love for the girl is amazing, no doubt he picked the best way, he wrote a song and made his love immortal. The reprise is mixture of the english words "I am so lonely" with classical music "alaap" which makes the song more beautiful. When i heard the song for the first time, it was very hard for me to believe that the singer is an "Indian", but later in the song itself when the hindi lyrics arrive out of nowhere, this song becomes magical, I was struck with sheer brilliance of the guys behind this song. 

Meaning of the part in "Hindi" for some of our international followers:
Basically the hindi part also expresses the same, love of the author towards the girl, but the hindi part is more fascinating. The meaning is: "girl, you never understood me or my love. It is my love and hence my pain. I was always there in the crowd, but you never realized and whenever someone asked me, I just said ....... I am so lonely ....... ". 

"Tune nahi jaana, Kabhi nahi jaana", the case with almost everybody. Sometimes in life, everyone of you must have encountered a situation where the one you love the most, does not understand you, and the time when you want that one to be with you, all you get is "Emptiness/Loneliness". So, all I would say is "Feel This Song".

At last, I would just say that I loved this song, and hope all of you do like this song, ........

We'll get back with some more amazing tracks soon ..... :)

PS: Do Comment guys ...... :D
[NOTE] Earlier we mentioned the name of the singer as Rohan Rathore based on some internet folklores. We do not intend to hurt any sentiments, but since that story is not authentic we refrain from any such claims :) 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Naheen Ray Naheen - Ali Zafar (Coke Studio version) Season - 02 Episode - 05

Socha Kya Kabhi Tu Ne Ye?
Aye Tum Kahan Se Ho?
Jao Ge Kahan Ye Socha?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Kaisi Hai Ye Dunya Dekho
Kaise Kaise Log Yahan
Tune Inko Hai Pehchana?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Ik To Ik Tera Maula…
Wo Bole Mujhay Bata
Tune Us Se Baatein Kein?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Tu Ne Kya Banai..
Tu Ne Kya Sajai..
Sub Kiya Hai Usne
Tune Baatein Banai..

Kisi Ka Bhi Dil Hai
Kisi Ki Bhi Hai Marzi
Tumne Jhanka Hai Kya Us Mein?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Zindagi Haya Hai..
Waqt Parishaan Hai
Is Ki Hakikat Ko Jana?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Jo Tera Khuda Hai…
Wo Mera Khuda Hai…
Tera Kaha Na Manu Tu..
Kyon Mujhay Saza Hai…?


Kadi Aa Tu Dil De Andar X 2
Mein Tera Mast Kalandar X 2

Socha Kya Kabhi Tu Ne Ye
Aye Tum Kahan Say Ho?
Jao Gay Kahan Ye Socha?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Ik To Ik Tera Maula…
Wo Bole Mujhay Bata
Tune Us Se Baatein Kein?
Naheen Ray Naheen X 2
Naheen Ray Naheen…….


Ali Zafar is a fabulous singer, who has recently gained a lot of fame by his acting in movie "Tere Bin Laden" and currently shooting with Katrina Kaif for the movie "Mere Brother ki Dulhan". And also he has sold a few of his paintings for the mission "Rebulding Pakistan" after the mass destruction brought by the floods.
No, it is only one single person with all these talents. That's why he is not just an on-screen hero, he is an over all hero. He has sung some quite a number of songs in Coke Studio, out of those I begin with my favorite. "Naheen Ray Naheen" is one my favorites from coke studio, the song is simple and heart touching, talks to common man. I feel we all can relate to this song.

The first stanza is for self introspecting, he asks us to look inside us. Where have we come from, and where we are heading to. Are we doing the right things for which we are sent in this life form? but we are not doing this.

Second stanza is for discrimination, most of us try to discriminate ourselves from others on the basis of country, language, religion and much more. But have we known them from inside? that they are also a human like us? Again the answer is no.

Third stanza is for people who complain that there is no god. He says you have defined your god on religious basis, he asks you to talk to him but have you done so? And we have again failed to do so.

Fourth is for people who feel proud for nothing, he asks what have you created?, what have you decorated? God has done everything while you just made stories.

Fifth one is about understanding the other person, respecting his feelings and opinions. He says everyone has his feelings, everyone has his wishes? have you ever tried to look inside his heart? Again no.

Sixth one is for people who keep complaining, Life is miserable, Time is not in favor, Have you ever tried to looked into the reason for all this situation? And again we have failed to do so.

Seventh is about we all have one god, the one who is your God, is my god too. Then why am I punished for not listening to you.

This is definitely one of the best, by Ali Zafar, but there's more to come. :)

P.S. recently there was some fuss about Ali Zafar not recognizing Katrina in a party. And the media was going hype and hoopla about it. In my opinion he is a true artist who doesn't even care about what is happening out side the domain of his work. And it's nothing as of his mistake ;)

Ali Zafar is really a star
Fight Club Song Chorein ki Batein is a copy of Ali Zafar's 'Channo ki aankhen'
This proves that those Indian music directors who have fame are now bound to steal songs from such a great artist.

Ali Zafar has a long way to go and there will be more of his posts too, keep reading, and keep listening.

Thank You