Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Madhaniyan - Sunanda Sharma

This is a hugely popular punjabi folk song. People who have ever attended a punjabi wedding / ladies sangeet must have heard it sometime. It beautifully captures the moments from an Indian wedding and the lyrics are so delightful - the whole scene of a wedding comes in front of the listener's eyes.
There are so many versions of this song since it has been sung by multiple singers on various occasions. But this version sung by Sunanda Sharma will simply touch your heart :)

Madhanian [Milk Churn]
Hai oh mereya dadiya rabba
Kinna jamiya kina ne le jaaniyaan haye
Oh my great god, whom are they born to and who would take them away ]
The singer is referring to the bride being born in a different house than the one she is supposed to spend the rest of her life.

Loie [Slowly]
babul tere mahela vichoo
teri lado pardesan hoyi haye
[ Father, your beloved daughter has become a stranger to your palace ]
The bride becomes a stranger in her own house.

Chholle [Chickpeas]
babul tere mahela vicho
satrangiyaa kabutar bole
[ Father, the doves are singing in your palace ]

Challian [Eves of Corn]
maava theeya milan lagi ya
chaar kandha ne chaubare diya halliya
[ When the mother and daughter meet together, even the four walls of the top floor shake ]
Mother and daughter share such an intense and deep bond with each other that even the walls shake when they become sentimental while being together.

Phitaa [Laces]
Enna sakheya veera ne dhola tore ke aagah nu kitha haye
[ Her real brother sees the carriage and shows her the way ahead ]

Mehendi [Heena]
Lagdi Suhaganan nu
nahin marde daman tak lehendee
[ Aborned by the bride, it never fades even upon death ]

Jhumke [Earings]
Ambdi da dil kambeya
Aaj muh lado da chumke
[ Her mother's heart shuddered as she kissed her daughter on her face ]

Maa - Paey [Mother and Father]
Naazan naal paal ke tiyaan ho jaan paraye aape
[ They bring up their daughters with great care, now they have become strangers themselves ]

Chudiyan [Bangles]
Saure ghar jaan waliye
shala hone muradan puriyan
[ Now that you are going to the home of your in laws, May all your wishes come true ]

The song ends on a note of blessing for the bride to live happily ever after in her new home.  :-) 


  1. I m a bong in luv wid dis punjabi song....

  2. great.... simply great.... thanks....

  3. Beautiful. Such moving lyrics.

  4. So soothing...and lyrics are fab! Voice too..(Junaid & Gaggu)

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  6. The blessings fr the bride... What else can better describe a marriage.. This song is best description of marriage.. Every parent daughter bond, the hardship which both face, the smiles n blessings In camouflage of the pain of separation



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