Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jhoom - Ali Zafar

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Sn'E is back with yet another sensation, which is about to rock the sufi-crazy people with Ali Zafar's latest number. "Sufi" is about to "rock" sounds ironic, doesn't it, but not anymore, because once you hear this amazing track, it will make not only your 14th feb but the complete February or the complete year as romantic as the before mentioned so called "V-Day". Yesterday was the "V-Day", as we love to refer it like that, the day of love for people who believe in love but still need a special day to spice up their love life, the day of "shivsena", not everyday they get to beat the crap out of crazy lovers, the day when a lonely person feels lonelier than ever, but whatever, so many incidents happening on the day itself makes it an amazing day, and after the tiresome day when you get back to your nutshells, you are welcomed by this mesmerizing track "Jhoom" .... Wooohhh .... i bet, the best ending possible to a day. All you need to do is just grab your earplugs, log on to our blog ( :P ), play this song, and see yourself fly, see yourself dancing, humming, see yourself being ecstatic, see yourself fall in love with life. And don't forget to thank this Pakistani Bhai of ours: Mr. Ali zafar "You Da Man !!"


Jhoom Lyrics:

oo hoooo
Ooh hooo

Maine tujhe dekha
haste hue gaalon me
bezar khayalo me
husn ke havaalon me
soni ke baalon me
morni ki chalon me
matti ke pyaalon me
pital ke thalon me
jitni tu milti jaaye
utni lage thodi thodi
jab bhi tu le angdayi
aake mile o ri

to dil jhoom jhoom chale jhoom jhoom chale soneya X2

(The following verse is not in video, but is in Album version)
Bachpan ke sawan beete, ladakpan ki beeti dhaara
jab mud ke dekha peeche to choota jeevan saara
fir bhi teri aas pakad ke har ek din guzara hai
teri ek nazar pe meri saans ka sahara hai
tum se binti karat hoon dil todo na hamara

to dil jhoom jhoom chale jhoom jhoom chale soneya X2

Do matvale naina humaare
teri hi raah takat hain pyaare
man ki mere preet bujhaye,
tan ki mere sej sajaye
sochat kya re, hum to haare
baar baar har daal daal
har dagar karu tera intezaar

to dil jhoom jhoom chale jhoom jhoom chale soneya

Oohh hooo
Maine tujhe dekha
subah ke ujalon me
nadiya me naalo me
lamho me saalon me
pyaar karne walo me
junoo me jiyaalo  me
ishq ke malaalo me
zinda misaalo me
jitni tu milti jaaye utni lage thodi thodi
zindagi ki dori maine piya sang jodi
to dil jhoom jhoom chale jhoom jhoom chale soneya X2

One of the songs and albums that I have waited for long to be launched, but anyways after months of wait Ali Zafar has finally launched his third album Jhoom. And it's already getting recognized world wide. This track Jhoom is the title track of the album, and right from the HSY live performance a few months ago I have been crazy for this song.

Jhoom is an amazingly soothing sufi song, that begins with some amazing tabla beats and enigmatic alaap. That just makes you swing your head with the tune. Then the comparisons in the first verse are just so beautiful. He sees her in laughing face expressions, in his free thoughts, the references of great looks, her beautiful hair, walk of a peacock, cups of clay, plates of brass. Here cups of clay has a deeper meaning, its the perfection and skill that makes them look perfectly beautiful.The same perfection and skill is shown in her looks.

third verse is more like a bridge between two main verses, it talks about his pain when she is away from him, his two intoxicated eyes look for her, and he has lost all hopes searching everywhere, every time and he just waits for her at every station in his life.

In the fourth verse he again compares her to some of the most beautiful things of nature. The rising sun, the rivers and streams, in moments and years, in every lover, in feelings of love, living examples of it. When he says "lamhon me saalon me" it means that he misses her in every second of his life for years and years. Talking of "jinda misaalon me" - there are examples of love, but many ended, here he compares with those that are alive, this shows his hope, hope for his love.

The lines "jitni tu milti jaaye, utni lage thodi thodi" are the most beautiful and show his insatiable love, that every glimpse of her in all the nature around him is less for him. He just wants more of her. He wants her with him forever.

"Dil jhoom jhoom chale jhoom jhoom chale soneya" His intoxicated heart just sways and swings to its tune, and misses her and thinks of her in every beat.

To the bottom of my heart I loved this song, and I hope you will also find this song beautiful. Great work by Ali Zafar.. my hearty congratulations to him.

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Night - Midival Punditz

Midival Punditz - Night

Ratiyaan X3
Ratiyaan kidhar gavaain re X2
O baalam harjai re

Ratiyaan kidhar gavaain re 
O baalam harjai re

To begin with, Midival Punditz is a Fusion band consisting of only 2 people Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj and they have produced some great numbers over the years. This song "Night" is from their 2002 album.

The song begins softly with the lyrics, with amazing bansuri playing, then comes the instrumental part with some electronic beats and other sounds. Over all its amazing instrumentals with really simple lyrics but it's the music that leaves us spell bound.

As the song is about Night, if you just listen to it with your eyes closed you get a feel of darkness and separation. Its when you spend sleepless nights missing someone and doing nothing but thinking about them, it becomes very painful. And in such a situation, you feel like blaming your beloved for your condition.

Here the girl is away from her baalam(beloved) and she calls him harjaai(one who gives pain) since he is giving her pain by living far away from her. She has been spending sleepless nights waiting for him, hoping to see him, but all in vain. The lyrics tells us about her pain and the music takes us into that painful world of hers.

When I first heard this song I couldn't resist playing it again and again for the whole day. I just felt like getting lost in those magical instrumentals it has. Beautiful work with the flute. Absolutely amazing..

Hope you enjoyed the song :)