Friday, February 11, 2011

Night - Midival Punditz

Midival Punditz - Night

Ratiyaan X3
Ratiyaan kidhar gavaain re X2
O baalam harjai re

Ratiyaan kidhar gavaain re 
O baalam harjai re

To begin with, Midival Punditz is a Fusion band consisting of only 2 people Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj and they have produced some great numbers over the years. This song "Night" is from their 2002 album.

The song begins softly with the lyrics, with amazing bansuri playing, then comes the instrumental part with some electronic beats and other sounds. Over all its amazing instrumentals with really simple lyrics but it's the music that leaves us spell bound.

As the song is about Night, if you just listen to it with your eyes closed you get a feel of darkness and separation. Its when you spend sleepless nights missing someone and doing nothing but thinking about them, it becomes very painful. And in such a situation, you feel like blaming your beloved for your condition.

Here the girl is away from her baalam(beloved) and she calls him harjaai(one who gives pain) since he is giving her pain by living far away from her. She has been spending sleepless nights waiting for him, hoping to see him, but all in vain. The lyrics tells us about her pain and the music takes us into that painful world of hers.

When I first heard this song I couldn't resist playing it again and again for the whole day. I just felt like getting lost in those magical instrumentals it has. Beautiful work with the flute. Absolutely amazing..

Hope you enjoyed the song :)


  1. It is a wonderful song, I did not know the meaning but something told me it was a about a painful situation.

  2. I could feel the pain in her voice and the music when I first heard it. Interesting how we don't need to understand words to understand emotion. *Blessings*