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As Ghalib said "sau kos se ba-zaban-e-qalam baatein kiya karo aur hijr mein visaal ke maze liya karo". We sometimes like to discuss Ghazals, Shayaris, and Sufi songs. And every time we read we are immersed into depths of joyous feelings. A very thought strike our mind, why such great artists are not as much recognized as the modern singers. Answer is clear, in this fast moving world no one has time to look back, nor any one is ready spend an extra minute to understand the deeper meaning of a line.

Music knows no boundaries, no religion, no age, no caste, no color. Music liberates us, it is the truest bonds that connect us all. A story such as Heer Ranjha can touch our hearts so deep, we all can recognize the same feeling irrespective of any modern discrimination elements.  Music is in our hearts and we are here to try our very honest attempt to bring to you everything we explore.

Considering the fact that some songs are not easily understandable, every effort has been made to provide lyrics, meanings and links to help reader understand them to the fullest. Apart from that we have tried to bring feelings to the song by relating to our lives and pointing out the punches in the lines. Every song means much more than it's words, so readers read between the lines.

Regarding my interest in music, I like a great variety, be it old Folk songs, or be it a soft ghazal, sufi songs. And most recently the new genre Fusion has come up that is a mix between sufi and modern kind of music. And many more. Basically I love the songs that leave a lasting impact on our heart the first time you hear them.

Have a great time exploring music with us. Please feel free to provide any kind of feed back.