Sunday, October 17, 2010

Waqt ne - Jagjit Singh

Original Version - Geeta Dutt

The Song

The song is written by Kaifi Azmi. Originally, he wrote the song for the film Kaagaz ke Phool (1959) and it was sung by Geeta Dutt, then by Lata Mangeshkar and eventually by Jagjit Singh. Although some people believe that Jagjit was not able to do justice to the original song but this ghazal is still close to my heart. You can judge it by yourself, as we have here both the versions of the song :). But, no matter how good and marvelous the singer is, the song or ghazal can never touch your soul unless you feel it. That is only possible through the medium of lyrics, and I should warn you after finding them out you'll be addicted to it. Kaifi Azmi is still remembered when people listen to these beautiful words...

The song focuses on the changing times and how we are affected by it, and how this cycle can alter and cloud our judgement. It will become more clear to you as the song progresses. The words are simple enough but I'll still commentate them so that you don't miss anything.

Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahe Na Tum Ham Rahe Na Hum (x2)

What beautiful words !!! The word 'sitam' means torture or punishment, and the English word 'oppression' gets closest to its meaning. But the adjective used to describe it is 'Haseen'. Haseen means handsome/beautiful. The reason why such punishment is praised because the singer has accepted the fate, which is the changing times in which we all live. Now both of us are different from what we used to be. You are not the same person and I have also changed !!

Waqt Ne Kiya....

Beqaraar Dil Is Tarah Mile
Jaise Kabhi Hum Juda Na The (x2)

We may be far off now, but still my impatient heart has the same old feeling whenever we meet, and it feels like we never parted.

Tum Bhi Kho Gaye, Ham Bhi Kho Gaye
Ek Raah Par Chalke Do Qadam

Now both of us are lost, after walking only a few steps on the same path.

Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahe Na Tum Ham Rahe Na Ham

Waqt Ne Kiya...

Jaayenge Kahan Sujhta Nahi
Chal Pade Magar Raasta Nahi (x2)

The destination is not clear and it's now become difficult to decide, as we don't know where to go? But still we have started walking albeit there is no path

Kya Talaash Hai Kuchh Pata Nahi
Bun Rahe Hain Din Khaab Dam-ba-dam

What are we searching for? We don't know, and now we are slowly making (knitting - the correct translation of the word 'Bun') our days with dreams in every breath we breathe. I interpret this line as if the singer is day-dreaming about the destination.

Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam
Tum Rahe Na Tum Ham Rahe Na Ham

The last two stanza are my favourite. The reason being that after both have parted they decide to move on, even though they are still unsure where the path will lead to. One thing, that I will like to stress upon is that the translation and interpretation of the song is my own, and it can vary depending on the person. So, if you feel I have done injustice in carrying out my task, please forgive me. I'll try my best so that the meaning reaches you.

Shukriya !!


  1. Wow, awesome song by Jagjit.
    Seriously Momin bro, Waqt(time) is a weird thing.
    This waqt can make us forget, and it can bring us together.
    And the most beautiful thing is acceptance, it wasn't my fault, It wasn't your fault. The fault is of waqt, who has brought this distance between us.
    Beauty :)
    Good work

  2. wonderful singing. entrancing really!
    and a good overall post, momin bhai. reminds me of the real momin's

    wo jo hum mein tum mein qaraar tha, tumhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho
    wahi waada yaa'ni nibaah ka, tumhe yaad ho ke na yaad ho...

    keep up the good work. if you're responsible for the ghazal genre, im expecting a lot.


  3. @^ shukriya !!
    aap jaise tajurbekaar insaan ko mutasir karna humaare liye kaafi mayne rakhta hai. ab lag raha hai humne kuch mukaam haasil kar liya hai.

    hum aapki umeedo kai mutabik musalal post karne ki koshish karengay.

    phir se bahut bahut shukriya

    -- Momin

  4. First of all.. this is the best post on this blog..in terms of the style of writing...

    This is one of my favourite songs,because of the lyrics :D

    Yeah even I feel the two words haseen n sitam have been used beautifully...

    My favourite lines are..

    Tum Bhi Kho Gaye, Ham Bhi Kho Gaye
    Ek Raah Par Chalke Do Qadam...

    I think the reason y the words "haseen sitam" have been used together is that... its beautiful because two people meet, dicover the happiness attched to love, relationships and being together..

    and then.. waqt sets them far apart, they suffer because of being separated,, they try to move on but something that connects their hearts n their souls does not let them do so..

    Sometimes everything depends on destiny.. sometimes even waqt cannot heal, and yet we have to rely on it, hoping that it would heal..

    Great Job!!

    I hope to see more posts discussing lyrics in detail...

    Continue the good work !

  5. @^ thank you very much. i'm flattered. it's only moments like these and people like you who praise us, helps us to move forward and makes our job very easy.
    we'll try our best, to not disappoint you in the future.
    thank you

    -- Momin