Friday, October 15, 2010

Kinara - Atif Aslam, Riaz Ali Khan (Coke Studio version) Season - 02 Episode - 02

Original Version
CokesStudio Version 
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The first part of the song(before alaps) are straight from the original version. The Coke studio band makes it a bit different, rather improves it. 
The difference comes after the Alaap by Riaz Ali khan. Alaaps are beautifully done, but the best is yet to come. The next is a poem taken from Amir Khusro "Man Kunto Maula"
Man kunto maula, 
Fa Ali-un maula Man kunto maula. 
Dara dil-e dara dil-e dar-e daani. 
Hum tum tanana nana, nana nana ray 
Yalali yalali yala, yalayala ray 
Man tunko maula......


"Whoever accepts me as a master, Ali is his master too." (The above is a hadith - a saying of the Prophet Mohammad (PBH). Rest of the lines are tarana bols that are generally meaningless and are used for rhythmic chanting by Sufis.) 

 "O Tangey, Rehnday.. Kilyaan De Naal Parandey Jihnaa De Raati.. Yaar Wichrae…" 

 Meaning: "Make up and all are lying unused by The girl who is just separated from her love"  
Translating to english sometimes kills the real beauty of the song. 
 Kilyaan means: "Nail, hanger where you hang your clothes and other items" 
Parandey: "It's an extension of ponytail worn by mostly Punjabi women" 

Tangey Renday comes from the Lollywood movie "Faraib" Also sung by Gurdas maan in song Parande Both having different lyrics but the same quote "Tangey rehnde", 
Out of the two I'm not sure which one is the original. I leave that to you, may be original is neither of the two. 

 Somehow Atif's version Sounds better than the above two. He has sung it really well. 
 The end is from a beautiful ghazal by 
Artist:Abida Parveen 
Album:Raqs-e-Bismil Song:Zahid ne 
Listen Here Audio Download 

 "Zahid Ne Mera Haasl e Emman Nahi Dekha Rukh Pe Teri Zulfoon Ko Pareshaan Nahi Dekha."

The pious has not seen the strength of my faith, since he was not the one who saw your hair spread on your face, (meaning he has not seen your pain, which I have seen). Implying if he saw what I saw, he would've lost all control. I didn't lose my control, hence proving the strength of my faith. 

 Here, the converse is true, Atif is no match for Abida Parveen. Her deep voice penetrates through the heart to tickle the deepest of the emotions of love. One can find himself totally mesmerized by the Marvelous lyrics. 


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