Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mai ne Mein - Atif Aslam, (Coke Studio version) Season - 02 Episode - 04

Atif Aslam - Mae ne

Mai ni main kinon akhan
Dard vichoray da haal ni

(O Mother who should I tell 
my tale of pain and separation?)

Dhuan dhukhay mere murshad wala
Jaan pholan taan laal ni

(The fire started by my murshid  (Murshid is a Sufi guide/teacher)
still smolders and smoke arises
whenever I search 
its red hot)

Jungle belle phiran dhondendi
Ajay na payo lal ni

(I roam jungles and plains searching 
Still I have not found my gem)

Dukhan di roti, solan da salan
Aahen da balan baal ni

(I prepare bread of sorrow, dish of pain
lighting the firewood of sighs)

Kahay hussain faqeer nimana
Shoh milay tan thewan nihal ni

(O Mother who should I tell 
my tale of pain and separation?)

Says Hussain, The poor beggar:-
"If I find my master, I will be prosperous"

(Mai ni main kinon akhan
Dard vichoray da haal ni)

Mai ni me kinoo aakhaan is a poem written by Shah Hussain. It has many versions, and I can track back each one of them through this version that inspired me to find more about the song, my next post will be on the other versions.


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  3. It is very powerful poem

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