Friday, October 15, 2010

Zeb n Haniya - Paimana Bitte

Paimana Bitte - Chup (2008) - Zeb n Haniya
Singers :Zebunnisa Bangash
Haniya Aslam

Paimana Bitte is one of the most beautiful song that describes a lover's state who want to lose his conscious and remain drunk in the love of his beloved.
The lover is lost when his beloved is not with him/her. He want him to return and see how painful state he is in. That he wants another glass of an intoxicant to numb his pain.
The song is about feelings and it does that beautifully, one can find himself getting sedated with this song, as it touches the core of the heart with it's beautiful lyrics.

So turn the volume up, close your eyes and forget everything around when you listen to this song.

The song is sung in 2 parts, each part in a different language.
First part is in Farsi while Second part is in Pushto

Part one, translated from Darri/Farsi:

Paimana bideh ki khumaar astam
(Bring me the glass so I may lose myself)

Man aashiq-e chashm-e mast-e-yarastam
(I am in love with my beloved’s intoxicating eyes)

Bideh, bideh, ki khumaar astam
(Bring (the glass), bring (the glass), so I may lose myself)

Part two, translated from Pushto:

Dilgeer garzama labela taana
(You have captured my heart and I wander aimlessly without you)

Khabar me waakhla, raasha jaanana
(My love come/return, and see the state I’m in)

Khabar me waakhla, raasha jaanana
(My love come/return, and see the state I’m in)

Tarso ba garzay te bela mana?
(How long will you wander without me?)

I came across this song from Coke Studio, rather it was the first song I heard from coke studio. If you liked this you might like to try
Coke Studio Version


  1. this left me speechless... the voice, the music, the theme, the rendition, the language... all of it... simply enthralling. its like they rise together as one.. and into what.... nothingness... absolute madhoshi...

    thank you for sharing this. it seems zeb n haniya never seem to stop boggling us.

    check this out, you might wanna add this to your collection.


  2. Hi Acro.
    Yes This coke studio version was my inspiration to check out their album chup,
    This version somehow touches more deep, say you are all alone, plug in your ipod, eyes closed and you are lost. :D
    But yes thanks I guess I should add the link to the coke studio version too.


  3. Oops I saw it now, you suggested Bibi sanam Janem, yes another good one from Zeb and Haniya duo.

    I replied about the paimona of cokestudio.

    Anyways it's in the comments now, readers will have a look at it too.


  4. I agree with you, this version has a more sufi and melancholy feel to it, as against the coke studio one.
    yeah, bibi sanem janem is what caught my eye for zeb n haniya's repertoire. they're truly amazing. keep posting.

  5. awesome lyrics!!
    truly describes "being lost in love"... amazing!!

    words like 'nasha' and 'madhoshi', yet another aspect of being in love :)

    interesting lyrics... brilliant music.... I like the lines in Pushto even more..
    'My love,come back..and see the state i'm in... how long will you wander without me..'

    I really liked this post a lot!!

    Good job!!

    Keep writing...

  6. Hi Sonia,

    Yes its a lovely song.

    "Tarso ba garzay te bela mana?"
    this is my favorite line too, simply awesome. Shows the confidence she has for her love that how far can you wander without me, you have to be here with me.


  7. I always listen to this song with a glass in hand, amazing feel aati hai

    thanks for sharing Aadil bhai.