Friday, October 15, 2010

Tufail Niazi - Main naheen jaana khereyan de naal

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[ Heer talking to her mother ]

adhi adhi raat pehar de tadke nu
murli kaun wajave

[ At this stroke of midnight (a day is divided into 4 pehars in punjabi, this is the starting of the first pehar which starts just after midnight), who is he playing the flute ]

eh murli mere ranjhe wali
kahnu arz kaleje nu aave

[ This tone resembles with that of Ranjha, and is igniting a fire of hope in my heart ]

keh ni maaye is murli wale,
murli fer wajave

[ O mother, please ask the flutist to play his flute again (as she is able to associate it with her Ranjha) ]

main nahio jana
ve nai me jaana, khereyan de naal
nahi me jaana khereyaan de naal

[ I don't want to go, I don't want to go with Saida Khera ( the khereyans) ]

Dil vich ranjhe da khayaal
main nahi jaana khereyan de naal

[ My heart is full of memories of Ranjha. I don't want to go with the khereyans ]

ohh lokan di bhane ranjha, chaak majhi da
mainu te rabb da jamaal

[ For the people my Ranjha may be just a mere cattle rearer, but for me he is the most beautiful creation of God ]

main nahi jaana khereyan de naal X2

Raanjha mera rajj ke sohna
Raanjha mera oo rajj ke sohna
Raanjha mera rajj ke sohna
Kohji Heer Syaal

[ My Ranjha is the most handsome person in the world, my Ranjha is very handsome, but her heer (referring to herself) is ugly and deformed. ]

Main nai jana khereyan de naal X2

dil wich khauf na lyavin ranjha - X2

[ Oh Ranjha don't be afraid, don't be worried. I won't be going with the khereyans. ]

main nahi jana........ - X2

Ranjha mera shah ni jahaan da
heer kamini kangaal
ni main nahi jana..........

[ My Ranjha is the ruler of the world, he controls the world. But his heer is devoid of any good qualities, and is a pauper ]

dil wich ranjhe da khyaal
main nahi jana.....

[ My heart is full of thoughts of Ranjha. I won't go with Saida Khera (the Khareyans) ]


  1. superb stuff

    thanks for sharing

    rongte khade ho gaye

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  3. what is this kalam exactly about???