Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shafqat Amanat Ali - Rohi - Tabeer

Shafqat tops my favourite artist of todays era. And this is another one of many of his beautiful songs.

Rohi, means dessert is a song inspired by Shahida Parveen's Jindari Luti Te Yaar Sajjan.
Which will be my next post, and which is better? ofcourse Shahida's :)

O Jindadi Bujhi O Yaar Sajan
Kabhi Morh Muhaar Aur Aa Watan
Jindadi Bujhi O Yaar Sajan
Kabhi Morh Muhaar Aur Aa Watan
O Jindadi....

( Rohi Ki Ajab Bahar Hai ) - 2
Jahaan Mujh Kamli Ka Yaar Hai
Wahaan Aashiq Uske Hazaar Hain
Aur Main Numaadi Hoon Bewatan
Ho Jindadi Bujhi O Yaar..

( Kahin Door Jaaye Basaa Hai Jo ) - 2
Mere Man Mein Jis Ki Chhavi Hai
Wo Na Jalaaye Tan Sulgaye Jo
Kaise Mitegi Ye Agan, Ho Jindadi...

( Rohi Ke Peer Fareed Ki ) - 2
Bas Chaah Hai Ek Deed Ki
Mujhe Aas Hai Us Eid Ki
Jo Milaye Bichhda Hua Sajan
Ho Jindadi...
Jindadi Bujhi O Yaar Sajan
Kabhi Morh Muhaar Aur Aa Watan
Ho Jindadi....


  1. Really great!

    Shafqat Amanat Ali's great voice again :)
    and beautiful lyrics... absolutely beautiful..

    I liked the second stanza the most..

    Would like to read more.. about the lyrics.. about the things that actually touch your heart..

  2. Shafqat Amanat Ali's voice is perfect for this song.

    Beautiful voice owesum lyrics:):)
    Must listen for the peace of mind..

  3. Song is great. Its my all time favourite.it touches my sole. Gives me peace, calmness. Shafaqat sung it very nicely but now I want see how rahat fateh ali wil take on this masterpiece, if he sings this song.however, my favourite voice for this song are hamid ali khan (male) and shahida parveen (f).

  4. anyone here who knows meaning of ''Numaari''

  5. Shafqat has truly mesmerizing and godly voice .. his voice takes me to a
    new dimension.

  6. Rohi meaning is not dessert. This means desert