Monday, November 1, 2010

Naheen Ray Naheen - Ali Zafar (Coke Studio version) Season - 02 Episode - 05

Socha Kya Kabhi Tu Ne Ye?
Aye Tum Kahan Se Ho?
Jao Ge Kahan Ye Socha?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Kaisi Hai Ye Dunya Dekho
Kaise Kaise Log Yahan
Tune Inko Hai Pehchana?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Ik To Ik Tera Maula…
Wo Bole Mujhay Bata
Tune Us Se Baatein Kein?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Tu Ne Kya Banai..
Tu Ne Kya Sajai..
Sub Kiya Hai Usne
Tune Baatein Banai..

Kisi Ka Bhi Dil Hai
Kisi Ki Bhi Hai Marzi
Tumne Jhanka Hai Kya Us Mein?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Zindagi Haya Hai..
Waqt Parishaan Hai
Is Ki Hakikat Ko Jana?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Jo Tera Khuda Hai…
Wo Mera Khuda Hai…
Tera Kaha Na Manu Tu..
Kyon Mujhay Saza Hai…?


Kadi Aa Tu Dil De Andar X 2
Mein Tera Mast Kalandar X 2

Socha Kya Kabhi Tu Ne Ye
Aye Tum Kahan Say Ho?
Jao Gay Kahan Ye Socha?
Naheen Ray Naheen

Ik To Ik Tera Maula…
Wo Bole Mujhay Bata
Tune Us Se Baatein Kein?
Naheen Ray Naheen X 2
Naheen Ray Naheen…….


Ali Zafar is a fabulous singer, who has recently gained a lot of fame by his acting in movie "Tere Bin Laden" and currently shooting with Katrina Kaif for the movie "Mere Brother ki Dulhan". And also he has sold a few of his paintings for the mission "Rebulding Pakistan" after the mass destruction brought by the floods.
No, it is only one single person with all these talents. That's why he is not just an on-screen hero, he is an over all hero. He has sung some quite a number of songs in Coke Studio, out of those I begin with my favorite. "Naheen Ray Naheen" is one my favorites from coke studio, the song is simple and heart touching, talks to common man. I feel we all can relate to this song.

The first stanza is for self introspecting, he asks us to look inside us. Where have we come from, and where we are heading to. Are we doing the right things for which we are sent in this life form? but we are not doing this.

Second stanza is for discrimination, most of us try to discriminate ourselves from others on the basis of country, language, religion and much more. But have we known them from inside? that they are also a human like us? Again the answer is no.

Third stanza is for people who complain that there is no god. He says you have defined your god on religious basis, he asks you to talk to him but have you done so? And we have again failed to do so.

Fourth is for people who feel proud for nothing, he asks what have you created?, what have you decorated? God has done everything while you just made stories.

Fifth one is about understanding the other person, respecting his feelings and opinions. He says everyone has his feelings, everyone has his wishes? have you ever tried to look inside his heart? Again no.

Sixth one is for people who keep complaining, Life is miserable, Time is not in favor, Have you ever tried to looked into the reason for all this situation? And again we have failed to do so.

Seventh is about we all have one god, the one who is your God, is my god too. Then why am I punished for not listening to you.

This is definitely one of the best, by Ali Zafar, but there's more to come. :)

P.S. recently there was some fuss about Ali Zafar not recognizing Katrina in a party. And the media was going hype and hoopla about it. In my opinion he is a true artist who doesn't even care about what is happening out side the domain of his work. And it's nothing as of his mistake ;)

Ali Zafar is really a star
Fight Club Song Chorein ki Batein is a copy of Ali Zafar's 'Channo ki aankhen'
This proves that those Indian music directors who have fame are now bound to steal songs from such a great artist.

Ali Zafar has a long way to go and there will be more of his posts too, keep reading, and keep listening.

Thank You


  1. First of all..
    great song.. nice style of writing...

    I really liked the fourth and fifth stanzas...great post!!

    I think more than anything,the song talks of unity.. and humanity, we all keep saying that God is one, but we often fail to give respect to other people around us, who were created by the very same divine power- God..

    The lyrics really forces one to think...
    I personally feel that being an agnostic I treat all religions, communities, people with the same respect.. and I do talk to God everyday...

    But sometimes I fail to understand even those people around me who are actually the closest to me.. and I often blame and complain, the way the sixth stanza talks bout it...

    But then, I sincerely try to improve.. Once in a while, one should read or listen to such stuff.. coz introspection brings peace,, for a moment, you recall the phases when you were wrong n u hurt others..n it feels good if u realize something, or even if u just think about it..

    Actually, the first stanza is not only bout self introspection.. its bout much more than that.. we are so very involved in materialism in our own self-centered ways that we never think about all this, even if we think, we dont get any answers, simply because our minds are not prepared to seek those ...

    Good job Aadil!!
    The best post by you so far...Really happy to read it.. I don post such comments unless I find a blog really awesome..This one really makes one smile, with its simplicity :-)

    and towards the end..
    Hats off to Ali Zafar for whatever he has been doing for Rebuilding Pakistan!!