Friday, March 18, 2011

Laiyaan laiyaan - Rizwan Anwar (Cover)

When it comes to folk, there is something about Punjabi love songs and their lyrics that make them so beautiful and touching, Laiyaan Laiyaan is one of them.
Originally sung by Zulfiqar Ali, from the Pakistani movie Chooriyan.
And the last verse is taken from Kailash Kher's song Saiyaan.
This is a cover by Saad Sultaan feat. Rizwan Anwar
Great voice with acoustic guitars and the beautiful lyrics ! Enjoy the song.

laiyaan laiyaan main tere naal dholna ve
laiyaan laiyaan main tere naal dholna

ik dil si reha mere kol na

ve main lutti gayi aan dholna
dholna, ve main lutti gayi aan

laiyaan laiyaan

sadhra de buhe ve main ter layi khole
hovi na tu kadi hun akhiyaan to ole

tere naal tarna tere naal dubna
tere naal jeena tere naal marna

pyar mera tu takdi ch tol na ve
pyar mera tu takdi ch tol na

ik dil si reha mere kol na

ve main lutti gayi aan dholna
ve main lutti gayi aan dholna

laiyaan laiyaan

tu jo chule pyaar se aaraam se mar jau
aaja chanda baahon me tujhme hi gum ho jau me
tere naam pe kho jau
saiyaan saiyaan

The words laiyaan laiyaan in the very first line of the song have two different meanings..Together the phrase means that the girl feels attached to the person she loves..All her thoughts,emotions,feelings,hopes n aspirations are related to him..She has dedicated everything she possesses to him..And since he has stolen her heart,she feels not only attached and addicted to him, but also afraid of the fact that she can not even imagine her life without him now..

The word 'sadhra' symbolizes hopes n expectations..She expects him to be there with her,for his presence in her life means everything to her..She wants him to stay in her life,always n forever..Once again,she feels addicted to him and separation seems to be her biggest fear..

The line "tere naal tarna, tere naal dubna" might seem to be very simple and straightforward..but it conveys a much deeper meaning..She wants to live with him,love him,support him, both in good and bad times.. She promises to stay with him, till death takes them apart..

"pyar mera tu takdi ch tol na"... She herself does not know how much she loves him, for love is something that can never be predicted, never be stopped, never be inculcated and hence never be measured..

The lyrics convey feelings of true love, the way a person becomes your life,your soul,everything to you..And the mere thought of staying away from him makes you feel as if you have no existence and your life has no meaning..As they say, you fall in love when you meet someone you know you cannot live without.. The fear of separation, is perhaps, one of the worst fears that exist in the universe..This fear,this addiction, makes her say "ve main lutti gayi aan"...

"tu jo choo le ....saiyaan"  These lines, once again, describe her committment to him..All she needs to be happy is his presence,the security and comfort of being in his arms, the pleasure of being lost in his love..
She can do anything for him, for her beloved..

Simple lyrics, beautiful concept and above all a soothing voice makes it an amazing song..The song beautifully describes being lost in love, the madness, the addiction..Nothing can be more painful than the pain of separation, but at the same time, nothing can be more beautiful than the feeling of being in love..
At the end, just one thing to say...If you have found that someone who cannot live without you, who loves you so much that you mean everything to him, never let the pain of separation come between the two of you !!

Hope you loved the song !!

Keep listening, keep reading and keep smiling !!


  1. Absolutely beautiful :) Melodious n rightly mixed...

  2. Thank you so much for the translation.. Maybe I have lost the person I couldn't live without and thats why the song touched me more, but it is beautiful nevertheless too :)

  3. Whosoever has written the above explanation of the song, he or she has done it so eloquently and so beautifully that I admire the person. Ofcourse the song is so beautiful and is an ode to true and deep love.

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