Friday, October 15, 2010

Shafqat Amanat Ali - khairheyan de naal - Tabeer

Khaireyan De Naal by Sahfqat Amanat Ali, Album Tabeer.
The song khaireyan de naal is inspired by a song by Tufail Niazi - Main nahi jaana khereyan de naal.


Naa Maye Naa Bhej Mujhe, Mein Nahi Jaana Pardes, X2
Jis Raanjhe Sang Saans Judi, Woh Ranjha Hai Is Des Re,

[ O mother, please don't send me I don't want to go to that foreign land. The Ranjha with whom my life is connected lives on this land. ]

Mein Nahi Jaana Khairyehan De Naal,
Meinn.. Nahi Jana Khairheyan De Naal. X2

[ I won't go with Saida Khera (the khereyans explained below). I won't..... ]

Log Kahe Use Ranjha Jogi, Mujhko To Rab Ka Jamal,
Jaane Na Jaanee Log Na Jaane, Woh Jaane Mera Haal,

[ For everyone he may be a simple hermit, but to me my Ranjha is the most beautiful creation of God till date ]

Na Bhej Na Maaye Mujhko, Mein Nahi Jaana Nahi Jaana,
Nahi Jaana Mein Nahi Jaana, Mein Nahi Jaaanaaa,

Meinn... Nahi Jaana Khairheyan De Naal. X3


Band Aankhon Se Raah Dikhe, Ranjhe Woh Jot Jagaayi,
Ranjha Mera Deen Dharam, Ranjha Hai Kul Khudaayi,

[ Ranjha has given me the light (sight) through which I can see my path clearly even with my eyes closed (there is no doubt in her mind and is clear about her decisions). Ranjha is my religion, my life, he means the whole world to me. ]

Na Bhej Na Maaye Mujhko, Mein Nahi Jaana Nahi Jaana,
Nahi Jaana Mein Nahi Jaana, Mein Nahi Jaaanaaa,

Meinn.. Nahi Jaana Khairheyan De Naal,
Ve Mein Nahi Jaana Khairheyan De Naal,
Ve Nahi Mein Jaana Khairheyan De Naal,


Khereyan refers to Heer's in-laws. Heer was married off to Saida Khera of village Rangpur Khera after her parents found out about her affair with Ranjha. Song is about Heer telling her mother she doesn't want to get married instead stay back after getting married. But her parents force her to get married. 

With the pain of separation Ranjha becomes a jogi and Heer calls herself 'Dheedo Ranjha'. As she says Ranjha Ranjha all the time, she believes she herself has become Ranjha.

Later she sends ranjha who becomes a jogi a message, and they elope. Soon her parents agree to marry her to Dheedo Ranjha. But her uncle Khaidon betrays them and poisons heer. Ranjha too eats the same poison and ends his life. 

Heer and Ranjha are buried in Heer's hometown, Jhang. Lovers and others often pay visits to their mausoleum.

This song sung by shafqat portrays the pain heer has as she doesn't want to leave ranjha. She tells her parents that her love is Ranjha who lives here and doesn't want to go to another village to marry another guy. 

Beautiful song, amazing lyrics. But somehow it's video is not at all good which portrays I don't know what a modern Heer?
seriously Ustaad Shafqat needs to find another guy to choreograph his videos. Here they are showing a girl who is getting drunk, going clubs and then committing suicide. Makes no sense. 

Still forget the video, enjoy the soft voice + rock music combination. You will love it :D


  1. Beautiful song...
    Nice style of writing...
    Good piece of info regarding the song...

    Jis Raanjhe Sang Saans Judi, Woh Ranjha Hai Is Des Re....

    Honestly, I never really liked love stories like that of Heer Ranjha and Sohni Mahiwal...
    but somehow, I love these romantic tracks...
    lyrics regarding true love, regarding being lost in love...and sufi music itself is awesome..
    Its beautiful....

    You guys are writing about real interesting music and lyrics...

    Keep up the good job!!

  2. Hi Sonia,

    This was the first song I heard by Shafqat Amanat Ali, and since that day I haven't missed a single song sung by him. He is one of my favorite singers.

    And about the story of Heer Ranjha, there are tens of movies, hundreds of songs, and even more shayaris dedicated to their name, there name itself is a exemplification of true love.

    Their story might not have a happy ending.Love is beautiful when we live together, but true love is one that retains it's existence even when physically separated. This is portrayed by such love stories, Dieing together is a natural outcome, and should be taken as a sad ending. They just take there love to an eternal level.

    Good to know you love at least their songs, if not their stories. Shows that you too appreciate those feelings but might not appreciate the outcomes.


  3. Yeah.. You are right Aadil!

    Somehow, I really don like the way these stories come to an end... You can say that I cannot relate to them...but I simply love the music, the words, the lyrics, the expressions... that talk of love...

    Well.. To each his own..I feel that love is always eternal..even if they are able to meet n live happily together..Some people might be able to relate to Heer Ranjha's stories, some people might not..But yeah, the emotions, the feelings, they touch everyone..every person who is sensitive enough to feel and explore the beauty of music !

    So.. good job Aadil..
    Continue exploring music,lyrics n love simultaneously
    n keep writing !!

  4. If i may. The video portrays the song very differently from the real meaning of it.

    Its about a hooker, and how she is compelled to do what she does not want to. She doesn't want to go with her buyers (kheereyan in this case) while she loves someone else. She has the picture of that guy (who is the raanjha in this case).

    Though she is tired of this all and ashamed of herself she is forced to live life this way, but when it all gets beyond her control she attempts suicide.

    Hope you got the idea now. He is just trying to tell us that these Women are also human beings. Noone wants to do this kinda stuff on purpose. They are compelled to do so, for one reason or the other. And we are shown how helpless she is, even though she loves someone else but she is just used as a tool for sexual satisfaction and so she loathes herself.

    1. Really good observation Haseeb :) thanks for sharing it.

    2. Nice thoughts Haseeb bhai! Being a woman I can understand her pains but I am proud of your thinking and that shows you are a well-bred person...

  5. I saw an interview of Shafqat Amanat Ali where he clearly said that the song would not be released until they put a modern video along with it... Thanks for the translation.. I agree the video doesn't do any justice to the voice and the lyrics of this song...

  6. Wowww!! Unbelievable . I was blown away. Mai nayi jaana kheriyaan de naal

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WigRhFilqzE this is shafqat (salamat) ali

    awesome awesome

  8. I was Searching For This Song From last 4 Years...I have been Looking for it but I remembered only music Not any line or lyrics...When I searched On Google About Story of Heer Ranjha in English,this page opened and I Was shocked that this was the song Sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali..I am listening to this Song Repeatedly...And Thanks For These translations As I am not so Good in Understanding Punjabi...Long Live Admin

  9. Shafqat going great guns... This song really touched my heart and soul.. Every moment, this keeps playing in my mind.. I am speechless.. God bless Shafqat bhai